Jack Hanley

critic, academic, and Podcaster in Boulder, Colorado

Jack Hanley

critic, academic, and Podcaster in Boulder, Colorado

Jack Hanley is a Film Historian, Critic, and Podcaster based in Boulder, Colorado

Jack is the host of several film series (including the Bloody Celluloid Film Series and the Clandestine Campus Cinema Society), founder of the Central and East European Film Festival at CU Boulder, frequent talk-back host and instructor for the Boedecker Theater's Cinema Program, and was the host and co-programmer of the Crested Butte International Film Festival for over a decade.

His lectures and classes on Film have included engagements at the Dairy Arts Center, The Crested Butte Film Festival, The Denver Art Museum, The Salute Your Shorts Film Festival, FLIC (Food, Libations, and Independent Cinema), Untitled at the DAM, The University of Florida, and the University of Colorado. He is currently teaching the film analysis workshop How To Watch A Movie at the Dairy Arts Center.

Jack helms the award-winning film websites 20 Questions and A Song Request With Jack Hanley, and Kinophilia.

He is one half of Blindspotting: A Film Discovery Podcast with his co-host Scott Aigner.

He has had the pleasure of talking about film on several Podcasts, including The Shamley Silhouette, The Theatrical Mustang Podcast, and the Yesteryear Ballyhoo Revue.

When not working on his upcoming documentary with Chris Leising, EVIL CHEESEY RIDES AGAIN, he can occasionally be found in musty academic settings or darkened theaters, savagely ruining films for his friends and family.

You can find his academic CV here.

Look for his new upcoming Film Podcast, The History Of YOU In 5 Films this summer.

You can follow him via Twitter and Facebook, or read his film musings at Kinophilia.

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